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Faye Runaway
  03/05/2009 - Faye Runaway 3 Scenes - 170 Photos - 47 Minutes Video  
Gallery1 Gallery2 Gallery3 Gallery4

Free Video Clip. Video clips are located on top of galleries 2,3 & 4. While giving a tour of the DungeonCorp studio, a potential client spies Ms. Runaway tied to the rafters. Seeing helpless Faye suddenly whets Derrick's appetite for something other than a standard lunch so, we lower her for him to play with... Derrick seizes the opportunity as he fingers Faye's tight pussy before feeding her a helping of cock. Faye pleases her new Master well taking his dick deep in her pussy and ass and obediently opening wide for a cum swallowing finale.

26 Mar 2009 12:29 Woodpecker wrote: It's great to see Faye again with her slim body and small breasts - both features having become very rare here in the recent months. The first two scenes were best.

05 Mar 2009 21:55 Ogler wrote: Faye is sweet and slender - just the way I remember her. I like gallery 1 with Faye beginning in a simple dress that has me anticipating her getting stripped for action. At this solo stage, looking at the camera is looking at me and Faye has a "You're gonna fuck me aren't you " look in those lovely eyes. I love her sweet little tits. Camera is sparing with her pussy but when we do see her little pink bits they make me want to touch. Clip 1 and the acoustics defeat me again. There are lots of looks of eager anticipation between Faye and Derrick. Intro. over and a gagged Faye is dangling just below the ceiling. She needs a head for heights or perhaps that's just scary. It's a long way up! Derrick has her wound down to where he can reach her then treats Camera (and us) to some nice fingering of her puss with her face down and legs tied wide apart. As she swings, Derrick does his best to keep her pointed at the camera and Camera responds by going in close for a good look at the wet and wibbly bits.. Derrick gets his cock out to do some throating producing some very spectacular stringy drool ........He swings her round to fuck her keeping the action bits away from the camera :( More throating with a good view and more drooling then back to an obscured fucking. The last sequence of fucking, though we can't watch the genital bits, is better in that Faye's face isn't covered and she is free to express her feelings. I'm wondering why we couldn't have wandered round with a mobile camera to watch the rude bits. ..........Clip 2 and Faye is on her back with wide apart legs. This time we do get to see Derrick enter her. I like to watch pussy reaming with the guy playing with the girls clit. Even more spectacular is the pussy pumping with him holding her hips. Camera goes for a gorgeous full-body shot from above. Derrick goes for a little anal which I know will please a lot of other folk more than it does me. Next he hangs a chain on her nipples - I like watching the way her clit moves as he dicks her. I'm glad to see the end of the nipple chain - I'd rather see her flesh-and-blood nipples than the ironmongery. As the clip finishes Derrick gets out of the way and Camera treats us to a lovely view of Faye's spread legs from below. I can press pause and ogle all I like :) .....Clip 3 .... Fay is in the familiar "tied hand and foot on a bed" with her hair in a formal bun. It's great fun to imagine she's a schoolteacher or a magistrate. Derrick fiddles about with parts I want to see off-camera and then fucks Faye - equally off camera. When Camera gets a decent angle we get to see some anal before Derrick gets round to the serious pussyfucking which I most enjoy and he positively shakes her with the vigorous shag. .... He goes round to do some more drooly throating then (to my delight) he tips her on her back into a pretzel-like posture and rogers her upturned cunt in full view of the camera then bangs her bum till she orgasms (I think). ...... He turns her over for a doggying and pumps her puss at express-train speed. I love it. He cums by spilling on her very flushed face............ Thanks for that video! I loved it :) I think the lovable Faye loved it too - I hope so.

05 Mar 2009 20:49 J.J. wrote: Super fucking hot!!!

08/30/2007 - Faye Runaway
3 Scenes - 268 Photos - 40 Minutes Video
Gallery1 Gallery2 Gallery3 Gallery4 Gallery5 Gallery6

Free Video Clip. Faye Runaway is a sweet young thing, and the newest addition to our dungeon, as well as the latest sampling for repeat customer Otto Bauer. Faye comes to us dressed skimpily in a lime green bikini that Otto can barely take his greedy eyes off of. After Faye is undressed, we fit her with a gag ball, shackle her hands over her head, and spread her legs, making her a prime target for Otto's lusty ways. Seeing little Faye in such a compromised position opens the flood gates for Otto as he paws her silky smooth skin, fingers her pussy and dry humps her legs. Finally, unable to restrain himself any longer Otto whips his cock out and tantalizes Faye's cunt with it. Then, with his appetite whet for sopping, submissive pussy, Otto has Faye tied spreadeagle to the bed whimpering and moaning. After a good ass slapping, it is time for Faye to get a royal fucking which, Otto is more than happy to provide. This is followed by an awesome vibe session to Faye's cunt and even more cock pummeling, pussy pounding action. Faye's only chance to catch her breath is when Otto removes her gag briefly to force his cock down her throat. In our final scene, we find Faye, tied doggy style to a steel bench. What comes next is a flurry of pussy fucking, fingering and forced head as Otto goes back and forth between Faye's cunt and face. Until finally he removes the ball gag one last time only to jam it into Faye's battered pussy and drop a load in her tiny mouth.

20 Mar 2009 05:02 Woodpecker wrote: I think Raot has a point, I'm not into wanking cumshots either. It's unrealistic and destroys the phantasy. Anyway, this was one of the best sets you ever did - pretty slim model and great positions, especially the first two. The contraption she was tied to in the third scene looked somewhat impractical to me, I think a "Y" shape (which gives him easy access between her spread legs) would have been better, but then I'm no specialist. Altogether great job, I'd like to watch more of Faye.

14 Oct 2008 18:29 KatMan wrote: Boy did she get punished! Good job.

17 Feb 2008 01:59 Angelo wrote: roat.. i think ur the only one who dont wanna see it i think a wanking mouth cumshot is horny, its like more humiliating also because the girl is still tight up in a position. i even have a great idea, u guys should introduce a new fetish once in a while in a scene, like a gangbang or role play with school girl outfit or something or.. and this would be really unique and hardcore to have a few guys lined up and cum in the girls mouth , while shes getting fucked in dungeon style as usual. think about it folks :) than i would be member for life if u guys add this idea once in a rare while in a scene

19 Oct 2007 10:08 Raot wrote: Im getting a little annoyed! Nobody wants to see this wanking ends! Your seling a dream and the dream is, that you have a tied woman and you can fuck her like you want to! You have her spread, tied or whatever, but the last thing anyone would do, is having a wanking cumshot! You would fuck as long as you canĀ“t stand it and shoot your load on her! This is what the scenes here were like in the early mounth! AGAIN; BACK TO THE ROOTS! NO MORE WANKING MOUTH CUMSHOTS!!!

02 Sep 2007 11:16 PluGGin wrote: Great scene to see her get fucked while standing on stilts. Love that little body!

30 Aug 2007 15:51 yeah wrote: fucking AAAAA!!! Thanks.