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Gen Padova
02/01/2007 - Gen Padova
3 Scenes - 280 Photos - 39 Minutes Video
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Free Video Clip. The folks at Fucking Dungeon sometimes bring their kinky lives home with them. The owner and Matt have become good pals since Matt has been coming there to fuck his slaves. So, Matt and John have plans to go see a ballgame in the afternoon, but John had to run out to take care of an emergency. But he leaves Matt a surprise tied to his futon and that surprise is Gen Padova. John got her naked and gagged, then spread her out and left Matt a note to go ahead and fuck the shit out of her. After reading the note, Matt has some fun getting Gen off. He eats her pussy and makes her cum with a magic wand multiple times and poor Gen is about the pass out allready. He reties her with her hands behind her back and he fucks her face, then rolls her over to fuck her pussy, then he rams his cock down her throat again. Another retie and Gen is lying her her side. Matt fucks her well and cums on her tits then he leaves her there and thanks her for letting him have his way.

13 Apr 2009 23:09 Akai wrote: James it's because file is broken and it have no end mark for video stream. That's why player can't use functions as fast forward etc. I hope now it fixed... I hope...

03 Nov 2007 09:22 Bangor wrote: The 1st .wmv STILL does not work

19 Oct 2007 08:41 Raot wrote: Good scene as always, but the cumshot...

11 Aug 2007 23:45 James wrote: How come Gen Padova videos won't fast forward, rewind, or repeat ? Same goes for her videos on Pefect Slave. What's Up ?

02 Apr 2007 03:29 tickler wrote: can you fix the 1st .wmv? it doesn't download correctly.

17 Mar 2007 20:05 MAX wrote: Watching Gen get throatfucked while bound was incredible! These BJ scenes are all great but this one especially.