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Ginger Lee
09/20/2007 - Ginger Lee
3 Scenes - 204 Photos - 42:00 Minutes Video
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Free Video Clip. Otto Bauer is one lucky man as he gets to take a bite of the juicy southern peach Ginger Lee. To start things off, Ginger is gagged and tied naked in a compromising and vulnerable position for Mr. Bauer. Otto walks in and immediately goes to work on Ginger's fantastic little body, by tagging her ass, thighs and pussy with some good slaps. Then, he "heads south" and gets a nice, long taste of her freshly shaven cunt. Next, he breaks out the magic wand and gives Ginger a nice hard vibing before clamping her hot little nipples with some clothes pins. With Ginger's nipples clamped, Otto breaks his cock out and violates her a bit from behind. Now that the juices are flowing, we suspend Ginger ass up from the ceiling. Seeing that wide open gash, Otto seizes the opportunity to again shove his cock into Ginger, wisely using Ginger's suspension ropes to gain traction to slam her cunt even harder. After getting a good pussy fucking, it's time for Ginger to give some head. Otto hastily removes her gag only to gag her with his cock instead. This sets up another trademark face to pussy volley by Otto as he inserts his shaft into her cunt then mouth. Finally, we get Ginger tied doogie style to a metal bench. Again, Otto enters her brutally from behind. And then, we fasten our seat belts as Otto unleashes a mind blurring, face and pussy fucking fury that culminates in Ginger taking a massive load in her cute, little, southern belle mouth.

26 Mar 2008 08:06 rj wrote: dam this chick is hot in everyway,just wish you would put reno or somother dude with atto and do her from both ends at the sametime,and lay off the slapin and degrading, its much more of a turn to here them beg for more then it is to hear the girls cry out in pain! anyway grate girl fresh young real tits for a change.

15 Feb 2008 07:46 Angelo wrote: more pretty girls like ginger !

25 Oct 2007 23:09 Bo wrote: I like the bed scenes..thanks

23 Oct 2007 09:14 Raot wrote: I like the stuff your doing, and this time we are haf way through! NO NORMAL PORN BED SCENE SCENE!!! Congratulations!!! But still this in mouth cumshot! Change that to the early days of this site once in a while and your stuff is not only good but perfect!

27 Sep 2007 11:50 JC wrote: I agree with Amanda. She did go better with TJ. No offense. There seems to be a lot of the same scenes in each update. Maybe you can add some more partially dressed models. Like Toobit said... more heels and lingere. An unsuspecting office manager becomes a slave. Wow! .

25 Sep 2007 09:29 fireman914 wrote: Preach on toolbit! And some stockings, too...

25 Sep 2007 09:04 ian wrote: i think that the women are so lovely and enjoy their beautiful companionship with their men. thank goodness there is no severe cruelty. i am not interested in that, but what i like is the erotic quality of all the nice films that you have done. please take care of these nice ladies and look after them. i know that they enjoy the type of bdsm. also, look after yourselves. kind regards

21 Sep 2007 18:51 toobit wrote: I'm with fireman914 - more heels in the scenes. Ginger is the BEST!!!

21 Sep 2007 02:12 Amanda wrote: Ginger is beautiful...but I think she went better with TJ Cummings.

07/05/2007 - Ginger Lee
4 Scenes - 314 Photos - 48:47 Minutes Video
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Free Video Clip. TJ Cummings is thrilled when he learns that we have Ginger Lee for him and who would't be? Ginger has an incredible body and a beautiful face built around those baby doll eyes. We strip her and tie her standing with her arms crow-tied behind a bar. Her legs are spread and TJ enters the scene to suck on her nipples and pussy. He uses a vibrator to make her cum before plunging his cock into her cunt from behind. We lay Ginger on a bed and lock her neck and wrists into stocks. Her thighs are tied back and spread, leaving her pussy exposed and helpless. TJ uses pegs on her tits and then fucks her. He moves around to deep throat Ginger as he pulls her head back, then he gags her and leaves her. In the final scene, GInger is tied with her hands behind her back and her feet together. TJ mounts her and fucks her, before untying her legs and pulling her on top to ride him. Then it's onto her knees and he jacks off into her mouth. He gags her and ties her up again and leaves her for the next customer.

16 Apr 2009 21:46 kcsummer wrote: Hows this for a comment I paid your damn fees now how about if i could download or watch the movies/

18 Mar 2009 10:43 Woodpecker wrote: Scene 2 was great, would have been even better without the gag.

19 Dec 2008 22:01 precious2uand4u wrote: TJ is the most unbelievably sexy, dominant man. The fact that he loves women is evident with his gentle but stern hand. just looking at him makes me totally wet. i would love to have him train me...

09 Sep 2008 08:42 GoBackTo Sleep wrote: Why do some people put so much emphasis on the cumshots???? I'd rather look at the girls body. They can cum off-camera for all I care.

28 Apr 2008 16:00 DA wrote: Hot girl but wish you had put her in a dog collar and leash

25 Dec 2007 15:53 PinkPussy wrote: That bed scene with her legs to the bar was fucking great. He could have fucked her a lot longer in that position. I would love for the legs to the bar more often.

17 Dec 2007 11:38 Spreadem wrote: Great action, but it would be more intense if there were a couple more men working on this great lady at the same time.

25 Oct 2007 23:12 RL wrote: Scene on the bed is great...lose the ball gag..thanks

19 Oct 2007 07:50 Raot wrote: Why these wankin mouth cumshots?

20 Aug 2007 07:08 Angelo wrote: yup real sexy , the gagball is sexy but to see the expressions of the babe some more is also sexy

18 Jul 2007 11:29 Nort wrote: She is lovely. Why do we have the gag in so much of the time. Some of us would rather see the woman's expressions

06 Jul 2007 06:50 kurt wrote: ginger is amazing. beautiful face, great breasts, yummy feet. please more of her.

05 Jul 2007 18:46 FuckinA wrote: This is the one I was waiting for! Ginger is perfect!