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Kymberly Wood
03/29/2007 - Kymberly Wood
3 Scenes - 241 Photos - 37 Minutes Video
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Free Video Clip. This isn't the first time John has left Matt a hot new slave to try out in his back room. Matt is the Dungeon's biggest client and it does have it's perks. Matt finds cute little Kym all tied up on John's sofa with a note. The note tells Matt to go ahead and have his way with the new girl and Matt gets right on it. He strips Kym and removes her ball-gag. He sits on the sofa next to her and Kym sucks his cock like a good slave. Matt face fucks her in a variety of positions before bending her over the arm and fucking her from behind. He unties Kym's legs and she rides on his cock. Then it's back to the bedroom so Matt can get her spread out for a good fuck. Kym lays helpless and spread as Matt gags her and fucks her long and hard before spewing his load all over her chest.

13 Feb 2012 00:49 thatguy wrote: wickedly awesome, i love the bed scene

02 Oct 2010 23:28 popeye1250 wrote: Great shoot! They don't call you guys the "King of the Spreadeagle" for nothing!!!

06 Mar 2009 01:01 Woodpecker wrote: Great stuff, but fix and red are right: Why untie her ankles in the last scene and do all this unnecessary gymnastics with her legs? If it was for better access, her legs should have been tied back and spread (e.g. to her wrists at the headboard). While I'm at it: In the first scene an elbow tie would have been nice; after the act he could have left her hogtied with elbows together.

25 Oct 2007 22:58 bo wrote: Lose the ball gag

19 Oct 2007 08:52 Raot wrote: Finally, a good cumshot again, after many updates with "normal" cumshot scenes! GREAT! Go on this way!

09 Oct 2007 21:29 Suncoast wrote: I got so hard I tore a fleshlight insert on this babe. I AM IN LOVE!!!

27 Aug 2007 06:55 Angelo wrote: yoo matt i bet u enjoyed that very much :) kym is fuckin sexy

02 Apr 2007 02:41 tickler wrote: should've got her off with a vibe while tied spreadeagle

30 Mar 2007 23:37 Winslo wrote: That is one hot Bitch! Matt uses her well and she plays the part of the used bitch to a T.

30 Mar 2007 09:42 m16aika wrote: good

30 Mar 2007 08:24 fix wrote: Excellent set! Kym is very expressive, although like others, i'd like to see more distress. Oh, and Rev is right. Should have fucked her while her legs were tied. Should have done the spreadeagle face-down too.

30 Mar 2007 07:06 rev wrote: This one was excellent. My only comment is you should have him fuck her for a while in the spreadeagle tie before untying her legs.