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Morgan March
  01/12/2012 - Morgan March 2 Scenes - 88 Photos - 21 Minutes Video  

Payback for Morgan isn't going to get any easier now that Tommy knows exactly what's going on here. He's got her bound and spread and it's time to extract justice from this bitch. But will she actually like it? He bears down hard on her clit with a vibrator and Morgan shrieks as she is forced to orgasm and immediately begs him to subside. Tommy's got something else on his mind though as he stuffs her cunt with cock. This is a payback fuck and he's hell bent on making her pay in full...Defiantly Morgan takes what he gives her, but Tommy ain't letting up...When he gets her down on the bed, he continues the relentless fucking. Justice is served as he drops a load on her face which signals fair warning...

13 Jan 2012 05:27 Seppoes wrote: I watched your past productions. Your cameraman is ok, your ladies are ok ( the less tatoos the better !) but your masters are failures. The wrong type. Paper, car mechanics. Lee Stone would be ok, but above all ... where is Christian ? No need for vibrators etc., just his presence with a woman creates the atmosfere. Why not Christian ?

  01/06/2012 - Morgan March 2 Scenes - 198 Photos - 34 Minutes Video  

A typical day at the office...Business as usual, the daily grind...Tommy has a visitor, but Tommy's not there, and Jack is...The visitor makes it immediately clear that this isn't the standard "office call" and Jack seems more than willing to escort her somewhere a bit more "private" to discuss things. He then takes her to the back and gets the dame cuffed and compromised before he jams his dick down her eager throat...He restrains her to the cube and bends her over...This babe is loving what she's getting and she's begging for more. Jack's digging fucking her, but there's a code of conduct by which all men abide. After blindfolding Morgan, he places a phone call to Tommy to tell him he's got a little "something" in the back room...Tommy is displeased...To put it mildly...

12 Jun 2012 23:35 klover1 wrote: Hot scene, but should of played up the blindfold bit more. March is super cute, some spanking wuold have been hot too.

14 Jan 2012 11:52 megaman67 wrote: Love the blindfold scene and Morgan March is always awesome! Why dont you do this scene with others?? Like Calico, or Melissa Jacobs?

  08/10/2012 - Morgan March 1 Scenes - 75 Photos - 10 Minutes Video  

The Doctor has now moved into the final stage of this counseling session. This patient shows promise and potential. He feels that they have made a breakthrough. A once impossible bitch, seems to have experienced revelation in the wake of his extremely rough and unorthodox methods. As Morgan is bound from the rafters, our good Doctor gives her a brutal pussy and face pounding. The harder he fucks the more she wants, but she needs to realize that this therapy isn't meant to serve her selfish needs. She needs to learn how to give, and her counselor will certainly take. Upon completion our bitchy housewife shall see things in a whole new light...

05 Sep 2012 05:22 Z wrote: I agree with A fellow but now it's 3 weeks. WTF?!?!? where's the updates?!?!

28 Aug 2012 16:20 A fellow wrote: I mean no disrespect, But its been 2 weeks since the last update for dungeon of fucking, Just wondering whats up with the delay. If possible could you please refrain from doing another 4 part update? Thanks

18 Aug 2012 23:22 fokusnik wrote: Ogre... are you 6 years old ? Swear all you like, whine all you like, but if you can't accept the slightest little critique without descending into personal insults, what does that say about you ? No one (certainly not me) is complaining about the beautiful and willing girls... but what kind of childish twerp must YOU be to think that swearing and insults and bitching and whining will get you MORE customers? Pathetic.

  08/03/2012 - Morgan March 1 Scenes - 77 Photos - 12 Minutes Video  

Dr Chibbles now has his client bound and naked, draped over and bent before him. This phase of the therapy session will entail a brutal fucking as proven apparent when the good Doctor takes his subject from behind and blazes away. As the session unfolds, we start to discover why this broad is such a spiteful and miserable bitch. She hasn't been given what she needs…and what she needs is discipline. Her discipline today shall be prescribed in heavy doses...

04 Aug 2012 14:10 octupuss wrote: i dont agree you employ 4 weeks for one chapter and one model too much time change this new format plis tks

  07/27/2012 - Morgan March 1 Scenes - 59 Photos - 8 Minutes Video  

Exactly what type of counseling has this broad been roped into? It seems she's bound to be disciplined here and as she's tight on the bed, Dr. Chibbles feeds her his dick. The whole meaning of one on one counseling takes on a whole new meaning here. Thing is, this mouthy bitch, this seems to be exactly what she needs. She's enjoying this therapy session and the deep fuck she's receiving. The counseling seems to be working however, as realizations about what needs to be done to save her marriage are coming to light...

19 Aug 2012 04:53 joeygirl wrote: I LOVE the shoes Morgan is wearing ! Joey...

  07/20/2012 - Morgan March 1 Scenes - 94 Photos - 12 Minutes Video  

Marital problems are always tough. Even more so when one of the involved parties is blind to the notion that they've become a cunt. In a last ditch effort to save the love that he knows must be buried deep down in there somewhere, a desperate husband has brought his wife in for some marriage counseling. This isn't your strip mall counseling center though. This is Dungeon Counseling, which employs a tough love method of getting couples back on track. The Counselor is a pro, he advises the husband to leave. And once he's left alone with the bitchy wife, he gets down to brass tacks demonstrating his revolutionary, and highly controversial methods…

  01/07/2010 - Morgan March, Victoria Lawson 4 Scenes - 314 Photos - 54 Minutes Video  

A kinky couple is seeking a little adventure and they've come to the right place. After we show them the lay of the land, we get Victoria undressed and restrained and the fun is about to begin... Victoria smiles nervously as she doesn't know quite what to expect and then things take an odd turn. After she is rendered helpless, Ogre decides to have a little fun with her... Meanwhile Evan decides to take a crack at the company slave and this sordid story truly unfolds. As the situation gains even more intensity, Victoria is run through her paces as she is fucked in various positions. She takes Evan's massive cock deep in her pussy and mouth. And as an added bonus the DungeonCorp slave gets in on the action too...

21 May 2011 20:06 Megaman67 wrote: Really good bring em both back some more!

26 Mar 2011 03:44 John wrote: Great shoot...Amber,Evan,and the abduction story all "thumbs up". How about pairing Amber with Soma. The combination of innocence (Amber) with deviance (Soma) would make one hot shoot. Set it up with the Pope and Ogre stripping Amber,rigging her, then handing her over to Soma... Make this member happy!!!

28 Mar 2010 13:53 roger wrote: happy to see morgan back. hope to see more of her in the future and she looks great with the little extra weight. she is by far the best actress .

27 Jan 2010 23:16 horsehung wrote: it must not be easy to watch because a caveman could not do it. hey ogre there is a web site for him though(BUT BOYS). you are doing a great job with hot women and great doms. this and all your dungeon corp sites are well worth the money.i like the pope but you are the one that needs to get back in front of the camera. no one does it like you do.

14 Jan 2010 08:18 GoBackToSleep wrote: It is spelled "Moron".

13 Jan 2010 17:44 Ogre wrote: Have you considered that you may be gay and into tattooed men? Im sorry, but if his tattoos distract you from Victoria and Morgan, I dont know what to say...Do the combat boots really bother you that much? wow

13 Jan 2010 07:56 Caveman wrote: Victoria Lawson is a very pretty lady but who is that goon you used for a stud? He looks like an idiot with is very over-blown body art (tatooes). When this guy shows up in his combat boots and gas mask he looks like a moran. I should have been looking at Victoria but this jerk was all I saw because I drawn to his art work. This guy is terrible!

  12/10/2009 - Morgan March, Sula Satanas 4 Scenes - 304 Photos - 52 Minutes Video  
Gallery1 Gallery2 Gallery3 Gallery4 Gallery5

Free Video Clip. Morgan goes with her friend Sula to meet a guy who lives in a huge warehouse space. After meeting him, Sula takes Morgan on a tour of the place and they come across his play area. Morgan isn't so sure about what she is seeing, but Sula assures her that it's fun and she should try it. Once she's locked into the stocks, the truth is revealed and Morgan's new friend is about to get a lot more friendly. He enters and what follows is a fuck-fest with two on one action all the way to the end. Morgan is their new fuck toy and they plan on spending a long time playing with her...

22 May 2011 14:06 Megaman67 wrote: Great combo two of your best slaves!


11/08/2007 - Morgan March
3 Scenes - 197 Photos - 42 Minutes Video
Gallery1 Gallery2 Gallery3 Gallery4 Gallery5

Free Video Clip. Charles Dera and Dick Delaware are two guys looking for a good time. They hear about the Dungeon through a friend and they decide to pay us a visit. Luckily, Morgan March happens to be hanging around as the two men arrive. We walk the two men into the steel dungeon and cuff Morgan up for them. We gag her and make her strip, then spread her legs apart and pull her hands over her head. Morgan is helpless and naked and alone with the two strangers as we leave them to have thier way with her. Charles and Dick are drunk with desire as they strip down and talk about thier new sex toy slave. Charles is the first to sink his cock deep into her cunt while she is still standing. They use a vibrator to make Morgan scream with pleasure, then they take he down. Each man has his turn fucking her doggy style as the other man fucks her face. Then onto her knees to suck two cocks at once. In the next scene Morgan is tied on a table. She lays waiting for the men to enter, and they take turns with her pussy and mouth. In the last scene, Morgan is tied spread eagle. Once again, the men have thier way with her as they move from top to bottom, fucking her throat and pussy. In the end, both men leave thier cum all over her face.

04 Apr 2011 12:07 peppy wrote: where has she been

12 Jun 2010 05:11 SirStefan wrote: Her breasts are just beautiful.. all nipple and so taught. Great shoot wonderful young body... two hard cocks... and finishing with a face covered in cum... heaven!

08 Jul 2009 15:37 blackie wrote:

07 May 2009 22:03 Gbhersm wrote: That is what is nice --- two on one! Make it a bunch and it would be very nice:)

23 Mar 2009 15:26 StudMuffin wrote: Where are her tits???

23 Feb 2009 02:35 Jack wrote: Love her sweat dripping while getting machined

09 Sep 2008 11:04 GoBackTo Sleep wrote: I will post this here because, Raot, this is the location of your last comment. In every one of the updates older than this, you whine about variety, but you are fixated on only two things 1) not using a bed because it is too "normal" and 2) tummy cumshots as opposed to those nasty facial ones. I don't care that you aren't around anymore to read this because I hope you wasted your money. I don't normally trash others opinions, but when they become as whiny and monotonous as yours, I'll gladly make a exception. Watching these scenes were as close as you'll ever get to the reality because any woman would smack you and leave within minutes. Fuck off and never come back! Now I feel better.

18 May 2008 07:43 Geoff wrote: Just have also to agree with Yodaddy below about the two guys with their silly comments. The ever popular Morgan was why I signed up again and she sure deserved better. What a shame to have spoilt what could have been the best ever!

16 Apr 2008 18:09 Yodaddy wrote: These two fuckin' guys are annoying as shit.

13 Dec 2007 15:07 DomNick wrote: I love Morgan and she is very sexy. The fact that she wears sheer stockings seems to make her even more vulnerable,

25 Nov 2007 10:33 Ogre wrote: The vibing and groping are all part of that first video in Gallery 3...

24 Nov 2007 21:40 Sadomaso wrote: I'd like to see Mr. Dera in a one-on-one, with a submissive.

24 Nov 2007 16:33 Skinman wrote: I am a Morgan March fan, so I'd really like you to post another video for this photo session. I agree with Raot about the videos for the first two scenes, and the third. I would have really liked to see a video of Gallery 2. Morgan not able to stop all the gropping and vibing is hot, and it looks like she is really trying, but not able to somehow move away from the trouble she is in. Now, that would have been really nice to post along with your other videos of this photo session. How about an update!!

10 Nov 2007 03:53 Raot wrote: The good thing first! Read this and be astonished, this is the first time the wanking mouth/face cumshots make sense, because she doesn´t look like she wants it. But the first two scenes are nearer to a normal porn movie than ever. THATS NOT GOOD! The third scene is great!

07/12/2007 - Morgan March
3 Scenes - 341 Photos - 61 Minutes Video
Gallery1 Gallery2 Gallery3 Gallery4 Gallery5 Gallery6 Gallery7

Free Video Clip. Otto is back at the Dungeon for more slave fucking and he likes them young, thin and innocent. It's nice to fuck a nasty bitch like she's a nasty bitch, but to Otto, it's more fun to fuck a sweet babe like a nasty bitch. He waits on the sofa and we bring in Morgan march with her hands tied behind her back, gagged and wearing a collar and leash. We leave poor Morgan with Otto and he takes over. During this first 30 minute scene, Morgan is made to ride and suck his cock, then we tie her legs and Otto fucks her more from behind and at the end, we leave her tightly hogtied. In the second scene, Morgan is bent over our spanking bench. Otto takes delight in stuffing as many fingers into her pussy as he can, then he fucks her while pulling back on her pony tail. He removes the gag only to stuff his cock in her mouth and he makes her talk as he fucks her face. By the end of the scene, her ass is red and her cunt is stretched. In the last scene, we tie her to a table. Her wrists are tied to each ankle and her hair is tied back to keep her head down. Otto, uses the vibrator as he fucks her and Morgan cums, then he continues his pussy to mouth antics before dropping his load in her wide open mouth and replacing the gag.

02 May 2011 18:16 nico wrote: when is morgan returning?

12 Jun 2010 05:32 SirStefan wrote: Morgans young looking body absolutely raises my manhood!

12 Dec 2009 04:30 maanik wrote: I liked her childhood look

08 Jul 2009 15:37 blackie wrote: where has morgan been --- will she be back---- i hope

16 Apr 2009 21:47 kcsummer wrote:

18 Mar 2009 10:49 Woodpecker wrote: The first scene was quite mild on her, you should have tied her elbows together.

19 Oct 2007 08:03 Raot wrote: And again this bullshit cumshot

22 Aug 2007 08:02 Kerkai wrote: What an immaculate body! Love these firm tiny tits.

26 Jul 2007 17:55 Nort wrote: Is there a problem with the July 26 update?

19 Jul 2007 07:24 roger wrote: morgan is the best---hope to see her more often !!!!!

17 Jul 2007 22:34 bondageFUCKfan wrote: she is very sexy

16 Jul 2007 12:23 Torret wrote: Excellent update! 5 stars!

13 Jul 2007 20:31 22fuckyou wrote: Even after I beat off I still want to fuck Morgan. Shoot her again and I'll fuck her brains out! lol

13 Jul 2007 15:37 JC wrote: YES! Awesome. The innocent look with the knee highs makes for a perfect slave. Nice Job. More like this please.

13 Jul 2007 01:39 FuckinA wrote: She has a chest like my younger brother but I find her to be very sexy and the rest of her is mouth-watering. She sucks and fucks like a champ :)

13 Jul 2007 00:02 Amazing wrote: FUCKING HOT!

12 Jul 2007 19:34 Threshold wrote: Your best shoot to date and possibly the best I have seen anywhere. Morgan is such a slave and Otto is brilliant.