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Nadia Styles
12/14/2006 - Nadia Styles
3 Scenes - 195 Photos - 32 Minutes Video
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Free Video Clip. We dress Nadia up in black latex and stockings. On her knees, we tie her arms behind her and pull them up. Her legs are cuffed into a spreader and she waits anxiously and ball-gagged for Trent to arrive. Trent enters and gets a good look at his fuck toy. He pulls his long cock out of his slacks and puts it in Nadia's mouth. He fucks her face until he is ready for something different. In the next scene, Nadia is tied, spread eagle on a bed. Trent uses a vibrator to pleasure Nadia before he fucks her. Then we hang Nadia from all fours. Trent fucks her long and hard before we putr her on the ground and he cums on her tummy.

15 Feb 2008 10:02 Angelo wrote: the bed scene is so good, nicely tight on the bed with sexy nylon stockings and heels wich i love

19 Jan 2008 10:01 Stefkers wrote: Schöner Kontrast, wie ihre Fickbrüste aus dem schwarzen Latexkostüm herausragen. Sie ist das perfekte Ponygirl. An jeden Nippel ein Glöckchen gehängt und sie dann im Kreis laufen lassen. Danach splitternackt auf das Bett gefesselt und ordentlich durchgefickt. Wenn ich abspritze, gibt es die volle Ladung in ihr Arschloch.

19 Oct 2007 08:34 Raot wrote: Great until the end! That a great cumshot! Fucking her tied up and shooting the load on her without running around to shoot it in her mouth!

01 May 2007 17:59 Jeff wrote: You need to figure out a way to prevent that swing device from rotating around so much; It seems to wreck the scene when it gets too far away.

22 Apr 2007 20:02 smith wrote: how do I play it?

19 Mar 2007 18:46 fix wrote: Nadia is awesome, but could you please tell Trent to stop putting his hand in front of her face?! I can't see her!

12 Mar 2007 16:22 Blackthorn wrote: Wow! Nadia defintely knows how to moan! Between that the screams and the wiggles, she didn't have to say much. Audio is a major component to the sensory overload when you watch videos like this and Nadia has the audio portion down perfectly! Great body - definitely like to see more of that tummy! Had a great time watching - Great stuff!