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Rebecca Steel
08/02/2007 - Rebecca Steel
3 Scenes - 267 Photos - 48:56 Minutes Video
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Free Video Clip. Rebecca Steel is new to the dungeon, and we enlist Derrick Pierce to wrangle her for us. Rebecca is one hot lady with a killer body. First, we have her strip out of her sexy little skirt and tank top for us. Then, we suspend her upside down for Derrick's easy access for a little vibe and blow job action. Then we tie her to a table with her legs spread open so Derrick can pummel her pussy and face with his cock. Finally Derrick gets Rebecca on the bed, her mouth gagged and hands tied behind her back. After giving her good hard fucking in various positions, he drops a mega load on Rebecca's pretty gagged mouth.

29 Mar 2009 07:26 StudMuffin wrote: Looks Hot upsidedown!!!

09 Sep 2008 08:18 GoBackTo Sleep wrote: A great body like that cries out to be fucked hard doggy style.

25 Oct 2007 23:10 RL wrote: This is the hair pulling...thanks

19 Oct 2007 08:31 Raot wrote: the last scene is like a normal porn scene! why that! why this cumshot? a cumshot on her stomach at the end of the second scene would be great!

09 Aug 2007 22:29 Missy wrote: As a woman viewer I agree with the excessive use of the ball gag... it doesn't bother me as much as it obviously bothers Nort, but a change would be nice. Even if it was out for a couple minutes while he had his fingers in her mouth, or hand over her mouth... just something a bit new every once in a while. I'm enjoying the site though; the rough men are awesome and this guy is especially hot. He's got the stern look and firm biceps to pull this off.

05 Aug 2007 14:55 Ogre wrote: We post a new update every week. thanks, Ogre

05 Aug 2007 06:47 LiveFast wrote: How often are new scenes posted?

03 Aug 2007 10:00 Ogre wrote: GAGS...This site has thousands of members and I believe that most of them like to see a model gagged, even while being fucked. In some of the early shoots, we did'nt use gags as often and we got many complaints. So we do consider all comments, but just because one or two people make a comment in every update about using less gags doesn't mean that we are going to stop using gags as often. You will see less gagging to a certain degree, and your comments are noted well. Nort, I hear you, I got your email, and personally, if the model is ungagged, I don't enjoy the shoots. Gags add a degree of helplessness that I like. So, I am a gag lover and I run the site. Got it? I do appreciate that you don't like them. We do consider all requests, but don't expect every shoot to change. Thanks

03 Aug 2007 08:27 Nort wrote: Once again that ball gag was in almost the whole time. Boring! She is lovely and very responsive. It would have been so much better to see her full facial expression, at least some of the time. How about some balance here for the gag haters?

03 Aug 2007 03:41 Ilya wrote: OK, why is the second video segment on 2 minutes/16.8 Mb? With the other two, that hardly adds up to 48 minutes of video.

03 Aug 2007 02:23 aika0723 wrote: very nice