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Tina Tink
10/18/2007 - Tina Tink
3 Scenes - 300 Photos - 47 Minutes Video
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Free Video Clip. We welcome in eager slave Tina Tink to The Dungeon. Tina is a vivacious, auburn haired damsel, who likes being tied up and enjoys the role of the submissive... Tina is naked and cold, and tied in her vulnerable position when Master Otto enters the Dungeon workshop. As Master Otto spanks Tina's naked body, he demands that she remain on her knees. After a good tongue lashing by her Master, Tina is relieved of her ballgag. With her mouth now open, Otto demands she suck his cock. After a good skull fucking, Master Otto then brings out the vibe and Tina is forced to cum on her knees. With her pussy nicely lubed from her own orgasm, Tina is then fucked reverse cowgirl style by Mr. Bauer... Next, Tina is tightly bound to a wooden cube with her legs open. Otto, at the sight of her naked body, enters her pussy from above. After a good pussy pummeling, Tina then receives a heaping mouthful of cock and balls before her Master once again returns his attentions to her gaping pussy. Undecided on which end pacifies his dastardly needs best, Otto goes back to Tina's mouth and fills it again before walking away to leave a stunned and bewildered Tina alone in the room... Tina is now tied on a red vinyl bench, trying to wriggle free before her Master's return. Before she has the chance to however, Otto re-enters the room and picks up right where he left off as he begins to fuck Tina's pussy again. Then, he greedily demands a foot job from Tina. After he gets his fill of foot fucking, he once again buries his cock in Tina's bush as he licks and slaps her feet. Tina has her mouth releived as it is filled once again and ferociously fucked by her Master's cock. Then, Master Bauer releases one final flurry on her sopping pussy until he reaches the apex and explosively cums in Tina's gaping mouth.

16 Feb 2008 03:30 Angelo wrote: raot not everyone likes the same things that u wanna see dont forget that i like to see cumshots in mouth every update + feeding a girl the cum is also horny, and scenes where the girl is tight on a bed is super horny too in my opinion

23 Oct 2007 09:52 Raot wrote: I criticized your updates and I hope it will help you to get even better in the future! How ever, I like the stuff your are doing! Its not that I am not satisfied, but normal porn movie endings (bed scenes, wanking mouth cumshots) are not what I expect and bother the good overall impression of your site. And again this update ends with a wanking cumshot in her mouth! Why no cumshot when he is between her feet, for example! Or ending the update with a cumshot on her stomach when she is tied at the end of scene two? Futher more the last scene again looked more like a normal porn scene, than as a dungeon scene! PLEASE GO ONCE IN A WHILE BACK TO YOUR ROOTS AND THE ENDINGS OF SOME OF YOUR FIRST UPDATES!