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Tricia Oaks
  02/04/2010 - Tricia Oaks 4 Scenes - 290 Photos - 50 Minutes Video  

We have added WMV files again! Due to some members concern we have decided to go back and offer WMV files for those who want them. This now gives you 3 formats to choose from: flash theater for seamless streaming without having to download- standard definition video in zipped WMV file and Hi-Def video in a zipped MP4 format for those who wish to download the video files. Hopefully this will provide everyone wth a viable option that they can be happy with.... Working for a toy shop can have its advantages...and distractions as Tricia discovers. While packing an order she becomes fascinated with a couple of items and begins to daydream. Her little fantasy is interrupted abruptly when she is caught red-handed by her supervisor however, and it becomes clear that the big boss is not going to be pleased at all. As punishment, Tricia is restrained and left for the big man's discretion. The boss has a whole new twisted definition of "discipline" as Tricia will soon discover...

07 Feb 2010 22:37 Simon Blaise wrote: Fucking hot. S.

12/06/2007 - Tricia Oaks
3 Scenes - 263 Photos - 47 Minutes Video
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Free Video Clip. Alex had a special request... An innocent looking slave that loves being the submissive. She had to be hot, she had to be blonde and she had to be busty... Tricia Oaks was the perfect slave. She loves bondage and is ultra sexy... Alex finds Tricia waiting precariously for him, dangling by her feet from The Dungeon rafters. Drooling in anticipation, he unleashes Tricia's supple breasts and swings her to and fro by her blonde ponytail. When Tricia begins nervously giggling, Master Sanders quiets her by slapping and biting her tits. Then, he applies some TENS pads to her cunt and stands back to watch her twitch. The magic wand is placed upon her pussy while she takes Master Sanders' deep cock thrusts in her throat... Next, Tricia has her head restrained in a wooden stock, her mouth dildo gagged. After fucking her face, Alex takes her from behind with viciously long, deliberate strokes and thrusts. He then switches off between her mouth and cunt while Tricia moans and wriggles in her state of restraint... Gagged on the bed, her hands bound to her ankles, Tricia has her ass eaten by Alex. She is rolled over on her back so her Master can have a taste of her cunt as he primes it for action. Tricia screams in submissive ecstasy as her Master fingers her asshole just before sliding his cock into her cunt. Alex then pounds her pussy from all available angles and then shoots a massive wad on her face.

02 Dec 2009 09:37 Chris wrote: Trice is wounderfull; all femal atributes in beautiful shape; a fine BJ; just a good suspension+whipping is missing.

25 Jul 2009 06:53 fuck you wrote: nice girl... @stefkers: i understand german... motherfucker you never had sex and you will never have... you always write about you how to fuck a girl and cum on it... shup up... that's annoying...

29 Mar 2009 08:23 Studmuffin wrote: Totally fucked up het tits with that tattoo ...What was she thinking??? Dumb bitch!

15 Feb 2008 03:48 Angelo wrote: dildo in mouth is horny!!

09 Feb 2008 12:06 Stefkers wrote: Wunderbar, wie sie gefesselt auf dem Bett liegt und ihre Fotze präsentiert. Da muss man dann einfach dran lecken und ihr Arschloch gleich mit. Danach ramme ich meinen Schwanz in ihr Arschloch und spritze ab während ich ihre langen Beine an meinen Bauch drücke.

18 Dec 2007 01:36 ballgag wrote: could you zoom in on the girls faces for longer periods of time please? I understand that you like to get the entirety of the bondage spectacle in a lot, but sometimes you are zoomed out so far that it is somewhat grainy on my computer. I like when you zoom in closer on the girls so i can see in better detail - thanks

15 Dec 2007 12:14 Nice wrote: I thought this was a great update

14 Dec 2007 22:14 RL wrote: Great girl. Did not like the dildo or the neck collar. Tied from behind is better. To much restraints for me. Thanks

13 Dec 2007 22:04 rev wrote: Please get that silly dildo out of her mouth. Ruined the scene for me. Other than that, loved it. Thanks.