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Delilah Strong
06/21/2007 - Delilah Strong
3 Scenes - 467 Photos - 51 Minutes Video
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Free Video Clip. Otto Bauer is a laid back and cool fella when you get to know him, and when you get to know him better, you find that he is a controlling, sexual, dominant, dynamo. This guy knows what he likes and he takes it from his slaves, and he gives them exactlty what they are longing for. In his first visit to the Dungeon, Otto gets Delilah Strong. Delilah is a tall and shapely beauty with great tits and ass. We tie her up squatting and Otto enters the scene. From the first minute to the last minute, Otto is is total control. He spits on his slave, he fucks her face, he makes her repeat degrading phrases, he holds a vibtrator on her pussy until she can take no more. Delilah is in for a long afternoon, and it's easy to see; she loves being his fucking whore. In the next scene, Delilah is bent over and spread out. Otto flogs her ass, fucks her face and rams her from behind as he controls her head. He fucks her with the flogger handle and continues his sexual dominance over Delilah. In the last scene we tie each wrist to each ankle. Otto fucks her doggy style. He fucks her on her back. He fucks her on her side. Then he fucks her face and cums in her mouth.

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09 Oct 2008 22:38 KatMan wrote: Lot's a doggie style. Gotta love it.

09 Sep 2008 08:54 GoBackTo Sleep wrote: Raot....FUCK, YOU'RE ANNOYING. GAG IT!!!!

19 Oct 2007 07:24 Raot wrote: I hate the cumshot in the mouth! Fuck her, pull it out, and shot the load on their stomach or back! Tahat would be great...

20 Aug 2007 07:01 Angelo wrote: whatsup guys i like almost every scene that u guys make in the fuck dungeon:d but the thing i would like to see more is stockings and all kinds of sexy outfits like schoolgirl uniforms etc, cheers guys

28 Jun 2007 16:11 Ogre wrote: This is what you might call a preemptive strike. The update is on it's way and will be posted by late evening. Thanks

28 Jun 2007 11:12 JC wrote: I really enjoy all the updates. If possible it would be nice to see some of the models partially dressed during the scenes. Maybe a schoolgirl look or an office girl... perfect for domination.

27 Jun 2007 12:31 Ogre wrote: Suggestions Miner? tape gag, ring gag, cloth gag, dildo, bit gag, harness gag...?

27 Jun 2007 06:52 Miner wrote: How 'bout using something other than ball gags?

27 Jun 2007 03:32 Jay wrote: I have to agree with master Roberts. Bondage games are fine, but the model should not be hurt in any way. I do not care whether the girl has had breast augmentation or not. I personally loathe anal and hope not to have to see it (there's already too much of it on other adult sites), but will certainly understand if you feel you have to offer it.

26 Jun 2007 10:41 Ogre wrote: Yes, wouldn't it be nice to be able to draw every model with a perfect set of tits! And hang them by thier wrists for hours on end...only in a Toon world...I do appreciate all the comments that we get, but, as far as anal, and dirty feet and fake tits, everyone likes what they like...I think they realize that we can't please everyone...There are guys out there who like dirty feet, and hate anal scenes, and like fake tits...and lots of guys like the spitting...if you all would like a custom video, i'll shoot exactly what you want and sell it to you...any bidders? :)

26 Jun 2007 10:03 master Roberts wrote: Jeeez, Ogre, how do you deal with some of these guys anyway? Uh, it's a know, there might be a little dirt on the floor. Of course, these guys could leash a couple of slavegirls and get the floors done once 'n awhile. Might make a good scene, but I suspect it would violate the established groove of bound naked SEX on this site. And while I understand the erotic value of a good harsh bound naked anal, understand these happen to be real live women..not EVERY single fantasy your hearts' desire can be had, especially when it involves a somewhat legally grey area like bound naked sodomy on tape and a living breathing guys are funny, the bondage-fucking threshold was just recently crossed and its' STILL not enough! Raging sadistic pervs! That's why the Godz created guys like Me..Bondage comics artists! 'Toon girls can't end up out of action for 6 months because a massive torpedo went up their ass, or they got whipped too hard, or hung up in the wrong position..real girls do occasionally have a problem with that sort of thing. Keep doin' what you do, Ogre. It's a beautiful thing.

26 Jun 2007 08:28 Jeff wrote: A couple things....You need to clean your camera lense(s). You will notice a couple obvious brown spots that follow the camera around. Secondly...what's this thing about guys spitting everywhere??? And thirdly....can you make sure your women at least wash their feet before they do a scene? There is something about a woman and dirty feet that really grosses me out.

23 Jun 2007 06:49 Dunno wrote: I see so much anal on other sites. Women sucking cocks straight from their own ass, women sucking cock straight from another womans ass. Call Chelsea Zinn. She modeled for your sister site "Perfect Slaves" And she is the queen of anal On the bright side, I did enjoy the verbal abuse

22 Jun 2007 19:27 Ogre wrote: At least we know you look forward to our updates. Once again, very sorry. There is no excuse that would deny your right to an update on Thursday as stated. This weekend is EroticaLA and yesterday was our booth set up day. It was an all day affair and took our attention into today as the show began. I apologize and will do everything I can to get this content up on time. Enjoy...