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Hailey Young
  03/19/2009 - Hailey Young 3 Scenes - 241 Photos - 48 Minutes Video  
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Free Video Clip. Once again, this week your video clips can be found atop galleries 2,3 & 4... What happens when you get a supremely hot fuck slave in the dark Dungeon and pair her with an aggressive Master? Lovely Hailey Young makes her long awaited return to the site this week. Led through the Dungeon and put through her paces, lovely, little Hailey aims to be please. Her lithe, supple body is manhandled before she is abruptly face and pussy fucked by Mr. Pierce. She obediently responds to her Master's wishes, serving dutifully as she receives a face full of cum.

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23 Apr 2009 02:02 steve wrote: Hailey looks fantastic young pretty body and right attitude invite her back and dress her in black stockings and hi heels maybe force her to share a cock with another girl

06 Apr 2009 15:38 Luckygal wrote: Have to say...... Master Derrick is simply brilliant. Anything he touches turns to gold. Could watch him all day...!

20 Mar 2009 15:30 Maxx wrote: I'm disappointed in Hailey's new work, she's missing the large amounts of enthusiasm she brings to her other scenes.

20 Mar 2009 13:45 EDWARDBD wrote: It seems that we are not getting enough close-ups at critical times. I mean when the guy sinks the sausage, I want to see it as it happens, in close deatil. At other times a full body shot can be fine but the first entry is the most important.

20 Mar 2009 03:59 Ogler wrote: Lovely little Hailey can just about totter with her short leg-spacer chain and high heels. Derrick has her crouch down to show off her new saddle studs - they could be tail-lights. He asks a lot of questions and decides she needs spanking. Her bum goes very red. ...almost .08:00 & I think he's trying to gape her puss for the camera but either the lighting is inadequate or the camera angle is wrong and we have to use our imagination as he settles for finger fucking :(. .....He takes out her gag and spends a lot of time lecturing her before he fucks her face making her drool - taking quite a long time and almost choking her at one stage. He undoes the leg spacer to screw her standing-doggie style. Her tits are just big enough to dance as he fucks her bending forward. Her hair dances too :) .... Doggying done he crouches her again for some more throating. .........Clip2 and she's tied face-down, legs apart on a 'horse' with her hands tied up behind her. Camera goes behind her to ogle her puss but Derrick covers it with his hand and we have to imagine again :( There's more bum-slapping before she gets another doggying. Camera can't get an angle on her cheeky bits so it's another imagination job. The nipple chain dances but I'd rather watch her nipples than the metal. ..... More face-fucking and lecturing before he has another go at doggying her - this time Camera manages to peep through and show us the sex for a few seconds. Clip3 and she's on her back with her hands 'surrendered' in a yoke and her legs tied high - just right for a missionarying which Derrick duly does after a slap or two. It seems to be happening at a distance but at least we can see his dick up her - but not for very long. Derrick spends the entire clip doing an organ recital in more or less the same position. It must be difficult to change position rigged like that. He does do some clit-thumbing and Camera sometimes tries to get in close but not with any great success. Hailey squeals a lot but whether from pain or sexual excitement I don't know. It's impossible to tell "yeah" from "ouch" with the gag in. It was good to see Hailey again but I don't feel that the best was made of the opportunity. The highlight for me was the standing doggie in Clip 1

19 Mar 2009 23:12 whymoi wrote: This update was really hot. I was extremely impressed with Ms. Young's balance. I was actually really scared she was going to fall and twist an ankle. It's always really exciting when there is a lot of devices as opposed to lots of rope, because they are more difficult and I really empathize with the model. Ms. Young is the queen of devices.

  06/05/2008 - Hailey Young 3 Scenes - 236 Photos - 48 Minutes Video  
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Free Video Clip. Spread wide on the bed, Hailey moans behind her gag ball as her body is flogged by The Pope. Otto then enters and spreads her asshole with his fingers before her removes Hailey's gag and shoves his cock down her throat. As Hailey is fed a healthy dose of dick, The Pope pins her nipples and canes her ass. Hailey then begs for cock and Otto obliges by burying his cock balls deep inside her bunghole. As Otto buggers his slave, The Pope presses the wand against her clit and Hailey cums furiously... Next, The Pope attaches TENS pads to Hailey's ass and pumps up the power. Otto then hoists Hailey's ass up onto his dick so she can ass ride his cock cowgirl style. After Hailey is rolled onto her side, The Pope stuffs the samurai deep in her cunt and Hailey begs for more as she receives a series of electrical jolts to compliment her ass fucking... Tied to the horse, Hailey works Otto's cock with her mouth while The Pope works her asshole with the Samurai. With his slave's asshole gaping wide, Otto shoves his cock in deep. To muffle her screams, The Pope gags Hailey with a rubber dong as Otto pounds away. The dong is then removed and Hailey opens her mouth wide to receive her Master's massive load. Video clips can be found atop galleries: 2,4 & 6.

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17 Feb 2009 00:12 tickler wrote: Never seen Hailey do anal before!

22 Oct 2008 22:05 KatMan wrote: Gotta love that sweet ass! More like this please.

12 Jul 2008 05:34 Namerussjob wrote: new to this site...great content with Hailey & Otto...she does cum hard so does he...maybe the Pope should have cum on her face...

14 Jun 2008 22:07 Maxx wrote: I've never seen a girl cum so hard.

06 Jun 2008 06:56 Nick wrote: For me is Hailey Young is the ultimative woman of all shown actresses from all shown films .Simply beautifully and with the fabulous sex appeal equipped, each right man, to enable the sexual fantasies fulfillment of his life. ( SIGH ) Your previous sex partners hopefully appreciate what this erotic goddess has given you for a favor. HP. I find the scene with the blue electrical plaster at your bottom silly and ridiculous. Perhaps you should turn a bed scene again, as similarly as tied up in the film year , she is then tied to the bed face down . This time hopefully however from her forefront , without such a funny rubber Darth Vader as a partner this time.

05 Jun 2008 14:03 Symon wrote: Hailey is just a great girl! She must have been walking funny for days after this shoot, LOL

10/11/2007 - Hailey Young
3 Scenes - 181 Photos - 43 Minutes Video
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Free Video Clip. Back by popular demand, this week we have contract slave Hailey Young in The Dungeon. As you know by now, Hailey loves the sex and she loves it rough. This week's rough customers are Alex Sanders and Van Damage, so it looks as if Hailey might just have her hands full this time... Gagged and bound spreadeagle to a chair, Hailey looks like a deer caught in the headlights as her big, brown eyes widen whe she is rudely introduced to Alex and Van. Van Damage gets it going by roughly pawing at Hailey's slender body. Then, Alex gets to work on Hailey's porcelain skin in dual flogger mode. Next, Hailey gets an "oral examination" as she takes Van's meatpole long and deep into her throat. Van, then vacates her gaping mouth, making room for Alex to hammer his cock into her face, as Van goes for the prize and slams his cock home into Hailey's cunt. As Hailey's moans of pain and pleasure increase, Alex and Van begin to take turns at Hailey's bound body, switching off between her mouth and pussy. Next, Hailey is bound and gagged, suspended from the ceiling as Alex enters her pussy from behind. Seeking a little satisfaction of his own, Van removes the gag from Ms. Young's mouth and force feeds her some more cock. Then, Hailey is spun around mid-air as the tag team reverses their vantage points. As we watch the intensity and speed increase, pain gives way to pleasure as Hailey in her highly compromised position, gives way to a tremendous orgasm. Then she is left, alone, hanging in the air...Hailey is now on a bed, wrists and ankles bound, a red gagball muffles her whimpers. Her whimpering becomes a little more frantic as she again catches sight of her Masters. The gag is removed as Hailey is rolled over onto her belly. Van begins by aggresively fucking her doggie style, then, Alex follows his cue and fucks her throat. Again we get a chance to see a little tag team action, as the guys switch off between Hailey's holes. Swapping back and forth betwen her mouth and pussy, Van and Alex finally settle and stake their claims and root themselves in for the race to the finish line. Then they both blow their huge wads on Hailey's face, and leave her alone in The Dungeon with her face covered in huge amounts of cum...

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23 Oct 2008 22:32 KatMan wrote: This girl can take it like none other.

15 Feb 2008 05:24 Angelo wrote: your wrong roat.. this is one of the best updates and a mouth cumshot is way more horny then a stomach or elsewhere, if u ask me.. u guys did a great job and i love the positions and the heels she kept on cheers:)

23 Oct 2007 09:40 Raot wrote: I HATE THE BED SCENES AND THE WANKING CUMSHOTS! Thats not what I expect from a dungeon scene and site! The last scene is like a NORMAL double teaming porn movie! I can have this all over the internet for free! PLEASE go back to your roots and finish the updates with cumshots on their stomach or back when the women are still tied in a humiliating positions. No one likes to see the normal porn movie wanking cumshot end on a site like this!!!

11 Oct 2007 20:02 loosecannon wrote: to YEAH, top of the line equipment in front of me, guess you have never seen what is contemporary top of the line video, oh my god, other sites are in...uhhh...HD!

08/09/2007 - Hailey Young
6 Scenes - 341 Photos - 52:12 Minutes Video
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Free Video Clip. Hailey Young is back in the dungeon and ready for discipline. Dressed in a sexy denim skirt she must first submit to and pass Master Bad Ass' initial inspection. After he gropes her freshly shaved cunt and perky tits, it seems that Slave Hailey has passed with flying colors. She is then tied to the bed face down where her Master peppers her ass with his hand and a riding crop, until it glows red. Hailey is then released but only to give some force fed head to her Master. After gagging on her Master's cock Hailey begs for and is rewarded with a load right in her sweet little mouth. Still forced to submit, Hailey is led around the Dungeon on collar and leash, blindfolded where she gets a good flogging. And then she gets her just rewards as she is tied to the Dungeon wall with a vibrator rigged to her pussy, her Master tickles her mercilessly then leaves her to struggle and beg and finally cum like crazy. Still seeking aknowledgement for being an obedient Slave, Master Bad Ass provides one final act of cruelty. As Hailey begs to please her master one last time oraly and begs for one final load to quench her cum thirsty throat; he allows her to bring him titilatingly close. But, leaves her begging for cum by denying her of her final wish.

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24 Aug 2010 20:09 popeye wrote: Great spanking scene on the bed, the only thing missing was a vibrating buttplug in Hailey's butt.

17 Dec 2009 04:24 tautology wrote: Great to see Hailey tickled. WOuld like to see more tickling on the site.

27 Oct 2008 10:08 KatMan wrote: Nice. Paticularly like the spanking.

26 Jan 2008 04:32 Angelo wrote: this ass spanking scene is still one of the most horny scenes if u ask me with stockings and heels it would be even better

19 Oct 2007 09:33 Raot wrote: Not what I expect, but a variation, and variations are good!

30 Sep 2007 11:42 scorp wrote: more more more. she is so sweet.

08 Sep 2007 00:31 NICOLAS wrote: Alors celle-la elle est formidable !!!

03 Sep 2007 01:59 Jazn wrote: come on. its to easy to give in. she can't always get dick. thats a easy way out. I enjoyed some good erotica

21 Aug 2007 19:36 devils`lil`sis wrote: Actions speak louder then words... Enjoyed this scene a great deal.

16 Aug 2007 22:04 Dunno wrote: lame

15 Aug 2007 03:16 James wrote: Frickin' Awesome ! Hailey Young, you're the BEST !

15 Aug 2007 02:52 tickler wrote: a fuckingdungeon update with no fucking! LOL but the tickling was nice

11 Aug 2007 17:24 Walt wrote: It was OK. The scenes were well done, the model was hot, but I have to agree that there should be fucking in the dungeon. And as JC noted, I like the fact that your trying out a variety of different forms of submission.

10 Aug 2007 22:01 Missy wrote: Ditto what JC said... the leash scene could have been so perfect for doggie-style.

10 Aug 2007 20:07 Nort wrote: Disappointing !

10 Aug 2007 10:25 JC wrote: Ok that was different. I like the outfit change but there should always be fucking in the dungeon. The leash scene would have been perfect. Definitely not my favorite but I respect the variety you are providing to your members.

09 Aug 2007 18:06 Rick wrote: Awesome

04/05/2007 - Hailey Young
3 Scenes - 228 Photos - 35 Minutes Video
Gallery1 Gallery2 Gallery3 Gallery4 Gallery5 Gallery6

Free Video Clip. As Matt became more and more interested in BDSM, he began working for our Dungeon as a builder. On this day, he was working in the shop when his girlfriend decided to pop in for a visit. Hailey Young and Matt had been dating for a couple weeks, and she was not aware of his job. As far as she knew, he was a carpenter. It's late on a Friday afternoon and she's hoping to pull Matt away from work early to get the weekend started right. She has fucking on her mind when she shows up in a very small and tight outfit. She teases Matt and he resists as long as he can, but that little body gets to him so he lifts her onto the bench to taste her pussy. Matt figures it's about time to introduce Hailey to his new fetish, so he carries her away into the dungeon. Hailey is stripped and spread eagle, standing on her toes. She is a bit freaked out as Matt begins to have his way with her, but she wont stop asking questions so he gags her. Then breaks out a magic wand and buzzes her clit until she cums. In the next scene, Hailey has been hogtied on a bed. Matt enters and unties her enough to get his dick in her mouth. He fucks her face before rolling her onto her tummy to be fucked from behind. Then Hailey is suspended from all fours. She hangs in the air as Matt fucks her hard. Then, to show her that he really loves her, he cums in her mouth and Hailey swallows the whole load like a good girlfriend should.

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10 Mar 2009 11:51 Woodpecker wrote: Hailey is always hot.

15 Feb 2008 07:43 Angelo wrote: i like the idea of biktie.. great work guys and slender tight girls like hailey are always the best

19 Oct 2007 08:55 Raot wrote: Absolutly fantastic, but why go around and shoot her in the mouth if you have her hanging like this and fucking her? Mouth cumshots are a good alternation, but why is it becoming the standard end on a dungeon website?

02 Jun 2007 09:42 satosan wrote: What can I say? Just tooo effing hot. Good job boyz (You too Hailey)!!

15 Apr 2007 18:42 BlkTie wrote: This is the girl I dream of when I am banging my wife! She is hot. I would love to see her getting banged by two men in the pussy and mouth, simul-dick while strapped to a short table so her head hangs off one side and her pussy is vulnerable off the other. Have the lucky guys shoot into condoms and then feed her their sperm before she is set free.

13 Apr 2007 11:03 Sepharin wrote: Excellent, how about some elbow bondage some time?

11 Apr 2007 22:01 Lurch wrote: I love the transition from fear or anxiety to loving it. Great work. More Please

11 Apr 2007 06:11 Neptuno wrote: Hello I´m very happy with the site but please take my advice if you can. Please consider the following: Bring back some more busty girls, so many time without see one. Post the whole scene on videofile, not only some parts from the midle or the end. Some more "roleplay" (humiliation, taming a rebel girl, breaking her...would be very nice. Anyway the site is very good, go ahead!!!

09 Apr 2007 06:51 m16aika wrote: very good

07 Apr 2007 08:55 roger wrote: haley is dynamite ! is there any chance of morgan march visiting the dungeon ?

06 Apr 2007 19:05 Winslo wrote: Hailey is a stunner! What a body on her. I'd love to look into those eyes as she was sucking my cock. You hiring any other builders? lol